Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'

boat refit and life under sails

Reef fix point

As mentioned before, I am setting up a new reef device to operate it completely from the cockpit. For this purpose I have designed new fix points for a reef downhaul and produced it with a 3D printer.

Color works

The good thing of the climate change, is that you more time for work which will need an appropriate temperature. We took our chance this year and have done all the outside painting before the temperature fell below zero.

Propeller games

For the past year we had constantly issue with fouling on the propeller and the shaft. I think I have tested any available method to protect it well: special colors from different vendors, grease, coatings…. An endless battle without much…
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Our book is here!

Tanja wrote a book about our travel last year. Beyond the challenging and wonderful events at our journey, it reflects many of our thoughts and way of living, which is truly stated by its title: “Irgendwann ist nie” (Sometimes is…
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