Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'

The final battle ashore

What a weekend. It has been a roller coster trip of emotions.

It was great to see how you get closer and closer to a result, deeply frustrating how much time a single task took and a challenge to overcome setbacks and obstacles. There is a wonderful song from the german singer Andreas Burani (‚Hey’) which helps perfectly in these situations: …Don’t stop on brocken glass, you just have to walk forward

We had enough of these…

Things that have been accomplished:

  • cable routing at mess room
  • solar panel connected, solar cell protector integrated
  • navigation panel connected and installed
  • auto pilot course computer connected
  • VHF radio connected
  • rudder covers constructed and installed
  • zinc anode mounted
  • antifouling on propeller
  • name logo sticked to stern
  • genoa tracks mounted
  • and many, many small other things

As expected, not all tasks have been completed. I would never ever have believed, that I would draw cables literally at the last possible day, once I had started on the electric – but I did.

Key is, no knock out tasks are open. The VHF antenna is not connected, some covers will have to mounted and most obvious: The mess room ceiling cover is not present. The last one, will probably be done by a boat service in about 2 weeks.

Still some tasks to deliver but now with a smaller pressure.

We will see her on Thursday again, for the first time in the water after the refit. So the next post will present her afloat.


  1. willaz sommer

    Fantastic work and transformation, looks smooth and elegant. I’m the owner of 133 since may this year. It’s my first boat and what a great boat the Delta is 🙂
    I’m looking to do some upgradeings as well and seeing what you guys have done is a really great inspiration, thank you.
    Sailer regards from Gilleleje 🙂

    1. sehret (Post author)

      Hi Willaz,
      thank you for your comment and sorry for not having answered to you. We had a very strange and frustrating season, which was finally topped by 2 accidents of mine. Currently I am recovering from a broken leg and ‘Fine’ is waiting for us at her winter storage. I hope I will be able to start working on her sometime in March. We will see.
      Next season we will be seen back in the Baltic Sea. It is definitely more easy to sail than the North Sea and we are looking for some recovery time for ourselves.
      I wish you all the best with your Delta! She’s worth the work and fantastic sailing boat!



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