Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'

Waldorf & Statler

petonque - don't call it boule!

petonque – don’t call it boule!

Our days at France do come to end and we are looking forward to go back to Fine. We enjoyed our time here, siting at the winter garden –  talking , drinking wine and watch the people playing petonque at the other side of the street was. It was a bit like Waldorf and Statler from the muppet show.

Mont St. Michel

Mont St. Michel

There is not so much visit close by. The Mont St. Michel was a mixed experience. The place is special and mystic but the tourism is horrible. So watch it from the distance or go there very early or late.

Whenever we go to the beach, the tides are always impressive. At this point of the coastline, we have 10m (!) of tidal range. This means practically: The beach is either gone or half a mile wide. I could never stop to watch this.


low tide

low tide

low tide

low tide

high tide

high tide

high tide

high tide








Also wonderful are the local markets and stores for food. Yesterday made a classic seafood plate with rock crab, king crab, oysters, common whelks. So unbelievable fresh for just 18 euro. Here are some impressions of our cocking during the  last days.


rabbit with vegetables






Chablis, Champagne


savoir vivre!















At this time ‘Aurevoir France’ – next time really by boat 🙂


another kitschy sunset

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  1. Olaf Lochschmidt

    Hi Ihr Zwei,

    es geht Euch – wie man sieht – bestens!
    Recht so, weitermachen.

    Viel Erfolg beim “channel crossing” und dann Spaß mit und bei den “spinnenden Engländern”.

    Herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg
    Olaf & Kerstin


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