Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'


Hello from Dokkum!

Hoby is asking for more concert

Hoby is asking for more concert

We are on our way on the ‘Staande Mastroute’ towards the north sea at Lauwersoog. We left Lelystad with a smile and the sounds of ‘La Paloma’ played on an accordion by a neighbor. We had a wonderful little private concert the night before, that Hoby had to ask for an encore 🙂



We crossed a grey and windy IJsselmeer and docked at the marina behind the lock of Lemmer. Even though this marina is huge and not the only one at Lemmer, it was crowded and we caught literally the last berth. Not a perfect place at the canal. Lots of swell and Fine is tightly framed by huge motorboats.

Albin Delta meeting!

Albin Delta meeting!

Very funny. While we waited at the lock of Lemmer, another Albin Delta docked right behind us. Probably the only Albin Delta in the Netherlands. So waiting was very short, while we shared our experiences.

From here on we entered into the canals, guided by the ‘Wateratlas vor Staande Maastroute’. I cannot recommend this booklet enough. Very detailed, easy to use and just 20 Euro as a price!



DSC01001DSC00997It is really a different world. Everything that can float, does float. You might look in whatever corner you like and you will find a boat or a canal. It is a very unique an special life style of water, land and all the vehicles which are all equally empowered. Cars wait for boats. Boats wait for bicycles. Everybody is waiting for a train. Time is slowing down, you find many things to watch and to stop a one of the picnic places, becomes more and more demanding.

What do you need more?

What do you need more?


This is the direction!

DSC01004The more north we come forward, the smaller the canals do become. After ‘Sneek’ you have only a very few fellows on your route. The canal is sometimes only 15m wide and just 2.2m shallow.

The rest is: bridges, bridges, bridges. I have do make a huge compliment to the dutch. All waterways are in perfect condition and the service at the locks and bridges is really very good. He had to wait only at a very few places and mostly only for some minutes. DSC01014 DSC01012

We made our next stop at Leeurwarden. At the southern marina, we felt a bit exotic with a ‘real’ sailboat, but the stay was ok. The next morning we passed the town. It took 2 hours to pass the bridges on a distance of just 3 miles. However, if you go here, be smarter than us: At the old part of the town, you can dock more or less a every part of the canal and find yourself in the middle of the wonderful town.

Leeuwarden 'marina'

Leeuwarden ‘marina’

More and more bridges passed and at Dokkum I felt a bit ‘over bridged’… Having the pictures of Leeurwarden in our minds, Tanja checked the description of Dokkum and it was highly recommend to stay there. So we did. What we saw so far is beautiful. We will stay another night here, to discover more of it.

Downtown Dokkum

Downtown Dokkum



  1. Uwe und Kerstin

    Hallo Ihr Lieben,
    täglich besuchen wir Eure Seite, gierig nach neuen Fotos und Texten.
    In Gedanken sind wir die ganze Zeit bei Euch. Weiterhin gute Reise ….

    Liebe Grüße von der Never2late

    1. sehret (Post author)

      Hallo Ihr Beiden,
      vielen, vielen Dank für die lieben Grüße! Wir freuen uns schon euch wiederzusehen – auch wenn es noch ein paar Tage dauert.

      Viele Grüße aus Borkum


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