Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'

Propeller games

For the past year we had constantly issue with fouling on the propeller and the shaft. I think I have tested any available method to protect it well: special colors from different vendors, grease, coatings…. An endless battle without much success.

This year I have a new coating to tackle this issue. It is called ‘prop speed’. A product which is quite new on the European market but well known in the US. It provides a very slick silicon surface, which should prevent any fouling or at least dramatically reduce it.

It consist of a 2K primer and a 1K silicon paste. I processed it like described. Which means: dry clean and sanding, wet cleaning with alcohol, surface preparation with an edging wet cleaner, double coating with the 2K primer (wet in wet method) and final coating with the 1K silicon paste (also onto the nearly wet primer). The manual is very strict about the drying processes and consistancies of the surface to achieve a proper binding between the the individual layers. I processed it at a temperature of about 14 deg. Celsius. The result is promising but finally we can judge the result end of next season. 

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