Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'

Updating the rudder

This year, I am really caring about some base works on issues that do annoy me for quite a while.

One of this ‘nice little’ things is balance of Fine’s rudder. Our pre owner has done a lot of good things to Fine and cared much about her sailing performance. One thing he did, was a rework of her rudder shape. IT was about smaller gaps and less pressure on the tiller.

The part with the gaps is good but the balance is critical. In particular under power, you cannot leave the tiller for second, because the rudder would flap to max angle. This kind of behavior is a potential cause for crashes.

A completely new rudder would be my preferred solution but also the most expensive ones, because nowadays all manufactures of rudders like Jefa do only offer non skeg designs. Even if I am very addicted to naval design, It is more than a challenge to build it myself. This idea is finally buried but for know I needed a different approach.

So I decided to change the shape of the rudder again. The most simple solution is an extension at the rear end to move the hydrodynamic center of pressure more aft.

To achieve that, I glued 2 premanufactured epoxy plates at one side and than attached them onto rear of the rudder. The good thing about this approach is, that you have 2 perfects surfaces that are easy to adjust. All gaps were filled with epoxy putty and then sanded. The result is an extended rudder profile exactly in the region where the rudder is hit by the propeller current.

The ultimate interesting question for next season is now: does this thing work like expected? 

We will see! 🙂

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