Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'

Boom time

Well, a new year is calling for duty. I finally have left my medical issues behind me and go on to improve Fine a much as I can. One of the projects is a ‘new’ boom. Looking onto the budget a really new boom is out of reach.

I have 3 important goals: make it look better, make it work better, make it more safe.

Make it look better
In the past I already had an approach on this by repainting the boom. A difficult action, as it is nearly impossible to apply a proper primer onto a eloxated aluminium surface. My new approach is to wrap it with a film like it is used for cars. To do this, it is recommended to have a least 15 deg celsius, to achieve good and reliable results – that is why our bedroom is now also a workshop. The application is not so complicated but it need a bit of practice to use the correct tension on the film. The result look cool and gives you metal kind of surface. I used a film from 3M, type 1380. To protect the highly stressed areas, like those where the reeling lines are placed, I will bolt some protection plates onto the boom. Probably made from thermoplastic carbon.

Make it work better
Some rivets on the vang based have to be renewed. It the second time I have to do this. I will add 2 more on the base plate, to transfer the forces better. I will also add some side supports, to have a wider base for the main sail. This should give more easy sail operation, without lazy jacks – which I simple don’t like.

the boom as 3D model

Make it more safe
For many years, I had the plan to establish a main reefing, without the need to leave the cockpit. To achieve this, I will install 2 downhaul lines (the metal hooks will be replaced by leads) and a new lock for the mast sliders – a project for the 3D printer 🙂

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