Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'

Looks like a boat again


Painted deck

The work goes on. On deck, the paintjob is nearly done! Only one or two spots which will need a final care for the finish. The work on the hull does continue this week. If you want to see more pictures, take a glance on the gallery.


reassembled cockpit items

This gave us the starting signal to reassamble all the bits and pieces on deck. We startet with the pushpit, which was very tricky. You literally have to crawl through the benchlocker into the stern, to reachout the screws of the pushpit. A very sportive action.

Important notice for this work: ‘Don’t panic’ :). I you remember this, also a 2m sized body will fit into this cave.

At the cockpit, most items are back in place. The new cleats will have to wait until next time, because I have to fetch a larger drill bit for this work.

The electric for the stern light and the tiller drive socket is done.


Chargers for alternator and shore power

Electric: The alternator to battery charger is installed! This is a bit longer story. Please check my post with a little howto!


main switch ready for new panel

The main switch is now ready for final mounting.

One important thing to learn: Know by heart where the emergency stop of your engine is installed!

My ‘highlight’ last Friday: I’ve started the engine, to check whether the wiring is correct connected – The engine started in a second 🙂 — but did not stop when I pushed the stop button 🙁

This was the moment, when I was struck by some panic, because without cooling, the engine would be ruined in just some minutes.

So, ‘Don’t panic’ again – I knew that there is a manual emergency stop. So I read the engine manual, which was luckily at hand, as fast as I could and finally I found the correct drawing, located the button and stopped the engine.

oughghghg….. the joy the silence… when the engine is out …

The root cause of all this: Just personal foolishness. I had switched the starting key back into ‘neutral’ and disabled the electric remote stop by this… At that point, when I realized what I had done, I went straight home and had a wonderful Gin Tonic.

So, do you know where your engine emergency stop is located and how it is operated?


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