Albin Delta #19 – 'Fine'

Countdown minus 3

We are fighting to get ready for the sea launch, which is sheduled for 2nd of May.

Many things have been accomplished in the last week and at the last weekend, but it stays a pretty tight race to get ready. It is very likely, that some things will remain open and have to be done afloat.

The good news is, that the paintjob is mostly done. The waterline mark will be the final work, which should be no issue to get done this week.


waterline mark


high gloss color

final color on hull

final color on hull





Fine looks awesome in her new colors! The hull is shining and blinking like never before, giving her a modern look.

Our personal focus last weekend, has been the reassembly of parts on deck. Saturday was a bit frustrating, due to on endless fight about the installation of the starboard aft docking cleat. It ended with a new hole in the aft cabin wall, to get access to the counter screw nuts. It has abviously been no service case in boat design, to remove that thing  ever…

Fortunately some good friends cheered us up again and we had a wonderfull evening aboard of ‘Hanna’.

With one exception, on deck all parts are back in place now or new parts have been installed:

    • Stern safety ladder (partly new)
    • All cleats (mostly new)

      new cleat

      new stainless cleat

    • Jammers (completely new)

      spinlock jammers

      spinlock jammers

    • Organizers (completely new)
    • DSC00346

      spinlock T38 deckorganizer

    • Sprayhood and cockpit tent fastings (mostly new)
    • Tiller pilot fasting
    • Benchlocker hatch
    • Toilet hatch (completely new)
    • Anchor locker hatch
    • Portside sea rail
    • Compass
    • Forward hatch

navigation panel box

  • Booby hatch and garage
  • Navigation panel box
  • Salon ventilation (new)
  • Solar panel (new)

solar panel and ventilation

The one exeption are the genoa t-rails. We just ran out of time, to get it done.



deck cutout for solar connection terminal

The solar panel is a bit special, because I have deliberatly ordered a model with a connector interface on the back. This means more installation efforts, due to a bigger hole in the deck to mount the cables but makes a smooth and plain installation without any obstacles on deck.

The next and hopfully final weekend ashore, will be driven by exentend work from Friday to Sunday. I really hope, that there will be no surprises to set her in a seaworthy condition. Today, the salon looks like this…


As the amaricans say: It’s over when the fat lady sings! 🙂

Cross your fingers! Any help will be happily accepted.


  1. Håkan Lundmark

    its not over until the fat lady sings !! But Fine is ” Very Fine ” (new name) :-). You are doing a good job making your boat looking a lot better ! good luck !
    I´m sailing Delta nr: 128 Josefine and home harbour in sweden Stenungsund.
    I have been sailing her since 1990 and i still like it !!
    I hope you will have a nice summer sailing !!
    /Håkan Lundmark

  2. sehret (Post author)

    Hi Hakan,
    Thanks for your support! We own her since 2007 and do really love her.

    Will look out for you when we are heading for Sweden. Probably next year.

    Enjoy sailing!



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